Ed McNierney

Ed McNierney

"I Prize Compassion"

Ed McNierney joins XPRIZE as Director, Prize Operations, bringing more than 30 years of wide-ranging technology expertise to the Global Learning XPRIZE team.  He is responsible for the technical design, development, and implementation of XPRIZE’s first open source software competition.

Mr. McNierney has served as a Chief Technology Officer and senior technology leader at a variety of software and hardware companies.  Early in his career he developed educational games for children and high-end graphics display equipment, and led Lotus Development’s first Windows spreadsheet project.

He later created the Web's first topographic mapping and aerial photography service, TopoZone, and led the organization up through its sale to Demand Media in 2007.  More recently he has been CTO and VP of Engineering at the One Laptop per Child Foundation, bringing low-cost, low-power, rugged laptop computers to millions of children around the world.

Mr. McNierney graduated from Dartmouth College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry.  He is an active board member of several local and regional land conservation organizations.

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