Hera Global Tech

About Us

Hera Global Tech envisions a safer world for everyone, through its biotechnology based products and services, that are guided by the user's need and existing context.

The company’s first product, ‘Autonomous’, is a unique system (body wearable and phone App) which leverages current and emerging sensor and wearable technology. The system intuitively detects an attack based on physiological and other changes and immediately sends a pre-configured text message with the victim’s location, to his/her identified contacts or community. Unlike other devices which require that the user press a button or make a phone call, Autonomous provides a more instinctive reaction, while remaining inconspicuous to the attacker. It is based on the understanding that in specific situations, one doesn’t have time to react, yell for help, or make a phone call.

In addition to creating products and services, Hera Global Tech recognizes the need to address the issue of personal safety at its core so as to achieve long lasting and context relevant results. To achieve this, Hera Global Tech collaborates with local organizations and the community to encourage dialogue and co-create solutions that help people feel secure, empowered and confident.
Team Leader:
Poorvi Mathur & Elizabth LaRue
Bengaluru, KA, India

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