About Us

The Team IDEA HOUSE led by Ramdas Kumbala, is a team of three competitive individuals from different backgrounds, we believe that Technological advancements are not fruitful unless they overcome the lapses subsisting in the society. In the wake of 21st century different sectors of people are facing day to day challenges domestically as well as at work. When it comes to women, their empowerment is a taboo, when the safety of one's self is at stake. We are coming together with the intent to help foster women safety by leveraging technology.

In addition to creating products and services, Hera Global Tech recognizes the need to address the issue of personal safety at its core so as to achieve long lasting and context relevant results. To achieve this, Hera Global Tech collaborates with local organizations and the community to encourage dialogue and co-create solutions that help people feel secure, empowered and confident.
Team Leader:
Ramdas Kumbala
Hyderabad, TG, India

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