About Us

Securella is an internet-of-things company that builds technology solutions to provide the fastest personal security at the push of a button. Our vision is to create smarter, safer cities where individuals break free of their insecurities and embrace their everyday life in peace of mind.

We are a team of 5 individuals who are passionate about technology and its potential to create sustainable and scalable impact. Each one of us has, at some point, experienced insecurity in one way or another, not only as a physical threat but also as a moral one that prevented us from reaching our full potential. As we noticed that our story was that of thousands and millions of others, we decided to do something about it. Our vision and ambition to create impact in our respective communities brought us together on a personal level, then on a skill-level to get Securella from an ideation stage to execution.

Team Leader:
Samia Haimoura
Hamburg, Germany

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